Back to the Old Houses - Our history via

the complete list of Smyths gigs

2004 - present day



The year it all started for us as a live band. 9 months of rehearsals led to our first ever show -

a sell out gig at Putney's Half Moon (the first of so many). We had no idea that was began as 

a passion project would become the International brand it is today.

7th March Half Moon London
1st August Metro Club London
12th November Southern K London



A quiet first year exploded into a substantial second year with our first International shows in the Netherlands

as well as travelling across the UK to play where ever the music took us. September saw us meet our great friend, Stephen Street for the first time for our first ever Scottish show. 19 years on and Stephen has become a close friend and strong advocate for the band. November saw our first (of two) shows with the legendary Frank Sidebottom.

(above): With Stephen Street, Woodside Social Club September 1st 2005/ Poster from our show with Frank Sidebottom at Buffalo Bar, London, November 12th 2005

06-Jan The Horn St Albans with Reorder
Jan-17 Southern K London  
Feb-17 Hope & Anchor London  
18-Mar Eurodusnie Leiden  
19-Mar Splotz Holland  
20-Mar OCC11 Amsterdam  
08-Apr Stripes Brentford London  
09-Apr Dry Bar Manchester  
16-Apr Quarry Night (Extra Time Bar) London  
05-May Bethnal Green W M Club London  
07-May Kings Arms Acton London  
12-May The Horn St Albans  
13-May All Manna K Bar London  
17-Jun Private Party London With Reorder
18-Jun Dublin Castle London  
01-Jul The Baths Scunthorpe  
30-Jul The Horn St Albans  
21-Aug Half Moon London  
01-Sep Bush Hall (Slam City Party) London  
02-Sep Woodside Social Glasgow  
03-Sep The Spot Hartlepool  
04-Sep New Roscoe Leeds  
06-Oct The Good Ship Kilburn With Reorder
07-Oct Dublin Castle London  
15-Oct Quarry Night London  
27-Oct The Nags Heads Nuneaton  
11-Nov The Corn Hall Cirencester  
12-Nov Buffalo Bar Islington  
01-Dec Half Moon London  
08-Dec The Horn St Albans  
15-Dec The Good Ship Kilburn  
16-Dec The Met Lounge Peterborough  



2006 - the year we followed up meeting Stephen Street by meeting Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce for the first time as they were guest DJs at a show we played in Brixton. The "pinch me, can this be real" moments continued with meeting them both - the first of several such meetings. The year also saw us return to the Netherlands along with what was then our biggest ever show in Ghent Belgium to more than 500 fans. 2006 also saw us play our first "big" UK venue with our debit at Southsea's Wedgwood Rooms in a double bill with our friends Re:Order with whom we played a dozen or so shows over several years.

(Above): Backstage with Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke, JAMM, Brixton July 14th 2006/ Graham with London's Night Tsar, Amy Lamé, Duckie, Vauxhall Tavern July 8th 2006/ Graham with Mike Joyce, JAMM, Brixton July 14th 2006/ Poster from our show ar Vooruit, Ghent May 25th 2006

13-Jan The Studio Hartlepool  
15-Jan New Roscoe Leeds  
21-Jan The Dublin Castle London With Reorder
09-Feb DeBees Winsford  
18-Feb The Moses Gate Bolton  
02-Mar Half Moon London  
03-Mar The Agincourt Camberley  
04-Mar Tavistock Bowl London  
17-Mar The Beat Club Glasgow  
18-Mar KEF Aberdeen  
20-Apr The Horn St Albans  
29-Apr The Cavern Liverpool  
30-Apr The Castle Oldham  
01-May The Robin 2 Wolverhampton  
12-May The Venue London  
25-May Vooruit Ghent  
26-May Apple Orchard R'veen Holland  
27-May Splotz R'veen Holland  
04-Jun The Nags Head Nuneaton  
30-Jun Clockwerk  London  
07-Jul Venue New Cross  
08-Jul Duckie London  
14-Jul Jamm, Brixton London   
29-Jul Dublin Castle Camden  
05-Aug The Good Ship London  
10-Aug Half Moon London  
11-Aug Potters Nottngham  
12-Aug The Met Lounge Peterborough  
13-Aug New Roscoe Leeds  
01-Sep Princess Caroline Boat Southampton  
08-Sep Venue New Cross  
16-Sep KEF Aberdeen  
22-Sep Grey Horse Kingston With Reorder
29-Sep The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea With Reorder
07-Oct Bonded Warehouse Sunderland  
12-Oct Bar Monsta, Camden London  
26-Oct Snobs Birmingham  
17-Nov Venue New Cross  
23-Nov The Studio Hartlepool  
24-Nov The Studio Hartlepool  
25-Nov The Hangar Scunthorpe  
30-Nov The Nags Head Nuneaton  
07-Dec Half Moon London  
15-Dec The Good Ship London  



2007 saw us hit the milestone of our 100th show as well as meeting up with Mike and Andy again who attended our performance for a book launch about the Smiths related sites and streets in Manchester. We'll never forget performing an acoustic version of This Charming Man with Andy backstage - an event that became more poignant with his passing far to young in 2023. Our International travels went into Asia with a show in Istanbul - the first of several such visits to that wonderful City (and Country).

(Above): Graham singing, Andy Rourke playing This Charming Man, backstage, Bar Academy, Islington, Thursday August 16th 2007 after the book launch show for Phil Gartside's book "Panic On The Streets"/ Graham, Mike Joyce and ?? outside Bar Academy, Islington

12-Jan Venue New Cross  
13-Jan The Horn St Albans  
20-Jan The Dublin Castle London  
02-Feb Met Lounge Peterborough  
04-Feb New Roscoe Leeds  
10-Feb Kingsmeadow Kingston With Reorder
16-Feb Mr Kyps Poole  
27-Feb Leonards London  
08-Mar Pacific Road  Birkenhead With Frank Sidebottom
10-Mar Half Moon London  
15-Mar Bonded Warehouse Sunderland  
16-Mar The Admiral Glasgow  
17-Mar Wee Red Bar Edinburgh  
23-Mar Venue New Cross  
27-Apr The Brook Southampton With Reorder
28-Apr Ku Bar Stockton  
05-May The Good Ship London  
18-May Venue New Cross  
19-May The Horn St Albans  

The Leopard (SHOW 100)

26-May The Flowerpot Derby  
27-May The Castle Oldham  
01-Jun Half Moon London  
07-Jun Dingwalls London With Reorder
08-Jul Plinston Hall Letchworth  
09-Jul The Hangar Scunthorpe  
15-Jul The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea With Reorder
30-Jul Bullet Bar London  
03-Jul Saatchi & Saatchi London  
05-Jul Irish Center Leeds With Reorder
06-Jul Casbah Club Bradford  
07-Jul The Studio Hartlepool  
08-Jul The Nags Heads Nuneaton  
20-Jul The Venue London  
12-Aug Night & Day Manchester  
16-Aug Bar Academy Islington London  
17-Aug Met Lounge Peterborough  
18-Aug The Studio Hartlepool  
19-Aug Tribfest Driffield  
01-Sep Half Moon London  
07-Sep The Leopard Doncaster  
08-Sep The Soundhouse Bolton  
09-Sep Taksin Live Istanbul  
21-Sep The Venue London  
22-Sep Kingsmeadow   Kingston  
28-Sep Club Excess (Daddycools) Harrogate  
29-Sep Hotel California Birkenhead

With Reorder

13-Oct The Horn St Albans With Reorder
19-Oct Mr Kyps Poole  
26-Oct The Hangar Scunthorpe  
27-Oct Ku Bar Stockton  
16-Nov The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea With Reorder
17-Nov The Studio Hartlepool  
18-Nov Tan Hill Yorkshire  
30-Nov The Venue London  
01-Dec Riga Bar Southend  
07-Dec Half Moon London  
15-Dec The Good Ship London  
31-Dec The Dublin Castle London  



Above - May 31st saw us return to Istanbul for a second show in several months - a show that saw

us play at 2am to some 600 Turkish fans!

05-Jan The Brook Southampton  
18-Jan The Venue London  
26-Jan The Studio Hartlepool  
27-Jan The Castle Oldham  
09-Feb Met Lounge Peterborough  
10-Feb New Roscoe Leeds  
22-Feb The Flowerpot Derby  
23-Feb The Assembly Rooms Tamworth  
08-Mar Half Moon London  
22-Mar Mr Kyps Poole  
28-Mar Bush Hall (150th SHOW) London  
03-Apr The Grey Horse Kingston  
05-Apr Kingsmeadow   Kingston  
11-Apr The Beat Club Glasgow  
12-Apr The Lighthouse Museum Aberdeen  
13-Apr The Lamp Hull  
18-Apr The Mildmay Club London  
02-May The Dublin Castle London  
09-May The Venue London  
10-May The Forum Darlington  
16-May The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
17-May The Good Ship London  
31-May Studio Taksin Live Istanbul  
12-Jun Half Moon London  
18-Jul The Venue London  
25-Jul The Charlotte Leicester  
02-Aug The Riga Bar Southend  
08-Aug Met Lounge Peterborough  
05-Sep The Venue London  
06-Sep Half Moon London  
12-Sep Earls Court London  
13-Sep The Hub Plymouth  
20-Sep The Studio Hartlepool  
21-Sep New Roscoe Leeds  
26-Sep Mr Kyps Poole  
03-Oct Venue not recalled Staines  
11-Oct Coalition Brighton With Reorder
17-Oct The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
18-Oct The Cooler Bristol  
24-Oct Bush Hall London With Reorder
25-Oct The Horn St Albans  
21-Nov The Flowerpot Derby  
28-Nov The Forum Darlington  
29-Nov The Charlotte Leicester  
05-Dec The Venue London  
06-Dec Half Moon London  
20-Dec The Good Ship


31-Dec The Dublin Castle London


8-Jan Old Slang Kingston

10 Jan Bar Academy O2 Islington London

23 Jan The Venue New Cross London

24 Jan Mr Kyps Poole

7- Feb Potters Nottingham

8-Feb New Roscoe Leeds

28-Feb The Brook Southampton

4-Apr The Half Moon Putney

18 Apr The Flowerpot Derby

9-May The Horn St Albans

15 May The Venue New Cross London

22 May The Good Ship Kilburn London

5-Jun Bush Hall Shepherds Bush London

7-Aug The Venue New Cross London

12 Sep The Square Hartlepool

13 Sep New Roscoe Leeds

Oct 17 Mr Kyps Poole

Nov 13 The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea

Nov 14 The Horn St Albans

Nov 21 The Flowerpot Derby

Dec 5th Arlon Belgium

Dec 11th The Venue New Cross London

Dec 12th The Half Moon Putney London

Dec 13th The Good Ship Kilburn London



2010 was the year when we took our first great leap forward domestically with

our playing the Isle of Wight Festival for the first time. During that time we learnt that

we would be playing the O2 Academy venues from 2011 - a moment that accelerated our

ascent to what we have become.

09-Jan Bar Academy Islington London  
22-Jan The Brook  Southampton  
23-Jan The Cooler Bristol  
06-Feb The Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
27-Feb The Forum Darlington  
28-Feb New Roscoe Leeds  
06-Mar Private Booking Putney  
12-Mar The Ritz Manchester With Reorder
13-Mar Assembly Rooms Tamworth  
20-Mar The Horn St Albans  
27-Mar Venue Name Forgotten Edinburgh  
08-Apr Half Moon London  
10-Apr The Flowerpot Derby  
23-Apr The Good Ship London  
22-May Bar Academy Islington London  
04-Jun The Venue London  
11-Jun Isle of Wight Festival IOW  
09-Jul The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
19-Aug Bartok Islington London  
17-Sep The Dublin Castle London  
09-Oct The Met Lounge Peterborough  
15-Oct The Horn St Albans  
23-Oct The Flowerpot Derby  
24-Oct New Roscoe Leeds  
04-Nov Half Moon London  
20-Nov Robin 2 Wolverhampton With Reorder
26-Nov The Venue London  
04-Dec Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
18-Dec The Good Ship London  



2011 is the year that changed everything as we finally got play big stages in big UK cities

with our introduction to the Academy Music Group - a cherished relationship that we have 

to this day.

08-Jan Bar Academy Islington London  
25-Feb The Ritz Manchester With Reorder
04-Mar O2 Academy 2 Oxford  
11-Mar O2 Academy 2 Birmingham  
12-Mar O2 Academy 2 Sheffield  
07-Apr Half Moon London  
06-May O2 Academy 2 Newcastle  
07-May ABC Glasgow  
13-May The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
27-May 229 London  
03-Jun The Venue London  
04-Jun The Flowerpot Derby  
10-Jun Isle of Wight Festival IOW  
09-Sep The Good Ship London  
17-Sep The Horn St Albans  
24-Sep The Brudenell Social Club Leeds  
30-Sep Mr Kyps Poole  
14-Oct The Dublin Castle London  
15-Oct The Roadmender Northampton  
22-Oct Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
04-Nov Half Moon London  
05-Nov Butlins Minhead  
12-Nov Club Ifaw Bach Cardiff  
18-Nov The Met Lounge Peterborough  
25-Nov The Assembly Rooms Derby  
16-Dec The Venue London  
17-Dec The Good Ship London  


(Above): Poster from our show at Baroeg, Rotterdam, December 9th 2012.

7-Jan O2Academy Islington London

11 Jan Babylon Istanbul Turkey

28 Jan The Forum Darlington

18 Feb The Horn St Albans

25 Feb The O2 Ritz Manchester with Re:Order

09 Mar The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea

14 Apr King Georges Hall Blackburn

20 Apr O2 Academy 2 Sheffield

21 Apr O2 Academy 2 Liverpool

04 May The Flowerpot Derby

11 May O2 Academy 2 Newcastle

12 May O2 ABC Glasgow

25 May 229 Great Portland St London

01 Jun O2 Academy 2 Bristol

02 Jun O2 Academy 2 Oxford

08 Jun Isle of Wight Festival IOW

29 Jun The Venue London

13 Jul The Good Ship London

28 Jul The Half Moon London

14 Sep Rescue Rooms Nottingham with Re:Order

22 Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds

12 Oct The Box Crewe

20 Oct The Horn St Albans

03 Nov Clun Ifaw Bach Cardiff

09 Nov The Old Fire Station Bournemouth

17 Nov The Assembly Rooms Derby

08 Dec Venue Unknown Liege Belgium

09 Dec Baroeg Rotterdam Netherlands

14 Dec The Venue London


22 Dec The Good Ship London


05-Jan Bar Academy Islington London  
19-Jan Met Lounge Peterborough  
24-Jan New Slang Kingston  
02-Mar The Forum Darlington  
08-Mar The Ritz  Manchester With Reorder
23-Mar St Pancras Hotel London  
05-Apr The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
12-Apr The Half Moon Putney  
13-Apr The Half Moon Putney  
19-Apr O2 Academy 2 Birmingham  
27-Apr The Horn St Albans  
03-May O2 Academy  Newcastle  
04-May ABC Glasgow  
24-May The Flowerpot Derby  
31-May 229 London  
14-Jun The Isle of Wight Festival IOW  
05-Jul The Good Ship London  
12-Jul Waterfront Norwich  
20-Jul Univ of London Boat Club London  
23-Aug The Joiners Southampton  
31-Aug Liquid Rooms Edinburgh  
06-Sep Sub 89 Reading  
13-Sep Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
20-Sep River Rooms Stourbridge  
21-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds  
05-Oct The Railway Ipswich  
12-Oct The Horn St Albans  
18-Oct O2 Academy 2 Sheffield  
19-Oct O2 Academy 2 Liverpool  
25-Oct The Old Firestation Bournemouth  
15-Nov The Cookie Jar Leicester  
16-Nov Assembly Rooms Derby  
22-Nov PJ Molloys Dunfermline  
23-Nov Civic Hall Shildon  
29-Nov The Half Moon Putney  
30-Nov Club Ifaw Bach Cardiff  
06-Dec The Good Ship London  
13-Dec The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
14-Dec The Venue London  

2014 The Smiths & Hatful of Hollow 30

11-Jan O2 Academy Islington London
17-Jan River Rooms Stourbridge
24-Jan The Forum Darlington
25-Jan O2 Academy 2  Leicester
21-Feb The Half Moon London
22-Feb Met Lounge Peterborough
28-Feb The Ritz  Manchester
01-Mar Fibbers York
07-Mar Moles Bath
15-Mar O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
21-Mar The Old Firestation Bournemouth
04-Apr ABC Glasgow
05-Apr Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
12-Apr The Horn St Albans
25-Apr O2 Academy   Birmingham
02-May O2 Academy   Newcastle
03-May O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
09-May 229 London
16-May The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
23-May The Half Moon Putney
30-May The Flowerpot Derby
31-May Sugarmill Stoke
06-Jun Town Hall Utrecht
07-Jun L'entrepot Arlon
13-Jun Waterfront Norwich
21-Jun The Venue London
29-Jun Glastonbury Festival Somerset
04-Jul O2 Academy 2 Bristol
05-Jul The Good Ship London
12-Jul White Horse London
01-Aug The Square Harlow
09-Aug The Half Moon London
29-Aug The Forum Tunbridge Wells
12-Sep Rescue Rooms Nottingham
19-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
20-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
03-Oct River Rooms Stourbridge
17-Oct Assembly Rooms Derby
18-Oct The Horn St Albans
31-Oct The Old Firestation Bournemouth
01-Nov O2 Academy 2 Oxford
07-Nov O2 Academy Leicester
15-Nov O2 Academy   Birmingham
21-Nov O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
22-Nov Live Rooms Chester
28-Nov ABC Glasgow
29-Nov ABC Glasgow
30-Nov O2 Academy   Newcastle
04-Dec The Half Moon London
05-Dec The Good Ship London
12-Dec Civic Hall Shildon
13-Dec Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
14-Dec Shacklewell Arms London

2015 Meat Is Murder 30

10-Jan O2 Academy Islington London
16-Jan Sub 89 Reading
17-Jan The Globe Cardiff
23-Jan The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
24-Jan The Britannia Chatham
20-Feb The Brickyard Carlisle
21-Feb O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
27-Feb The Ritz  Manchester
28-Feb Fibbers York
06-Mar The Half Moon London
13-Mar Picturedrome Holmfirth
14-Mar Private Show Leeds
27-Mar The Forum Tunbridge Wells
03-Apr The Met Lounge Peterborough
10-Apr 229 London
11-Apr The Horn St Albans
17-Apr The Flowerpot Derby
18-Apr O2 Academy   Leicester
24-Apr O2 Academy   Birmingham
15-May ABC Glasgow
16-May ABC Glasgow
22-May O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
29-May O2 Academy   Newcastle
06-Jun The Half Moon London
12-Jun O2 Academy  Bristol
13-Jun Central Station Wrexham
26-Jun Glastonbury Festival Somerset
03-Jul Esquires Bedford
11-Jul Crauford Arms Wolverton
12-Jul Venue Name Forgotten Guilford
17-Jul River Rooms Stourbridge
18-Jul Sugarmill Stoke
28-Aug The Forum Darlington
29-Aug Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
11-Sep The Half Moon London
12-Sep Concorde 2 Brighton
18-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
19-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
02-Oct The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
03-Oct The Horn St Albans
09-Oct Rescue Rooms Nottingham
10-Oct O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
16-Oct O2 Academy 2 Oxford
23-Oct The Old Firestation Bournemouth
07-Nov O2 Academy   Leicester
13-Nov Assembly Leamington Spa
20-Nov The Flowerpot Derby
21-Nov O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
27-Nov ABC Glasgow
28-Nov ABC Glasgow
04-Dec Warehouse 23 Wakefield
05-Dec O2 Academy   Newcastle
11-Dec The Half Moon London
12-Dec O2 Academy   Birmingham
18-Dec The Good Ship London

2016 The Queen Is Dead 30 & The Songs That Saved Your Life

09-Jan O2 Academy Islington London
15-Jan Sub 89 Reading
16-Jan The Globe Cardiff
23-Jan Engine Rooms Southampton
29-Jan River Rooms Stourbridge
20-Feb The Brickyard Carlisle
27-Feb The Ritz  Manchester
28-Feb Fibbers York
04-Mar The Half Moon London
12-Mar The Horn St Albans
18-Mar The Forum Tunbridge Wells
26-Mar O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
08-Apr Picturedrome Holmfirth
15-Apr The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
23-Apr The Flowerpot Derby
01-May The Goodship London
06-May ABC Glasgow
07-May ABC Glasgow
13-May O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
20-May O2 Academy   Birmingham
27-May O2 Academy   Newcastle
03-Jun The Half Moon London
11-Jun Isle of Wight Festival  IOW
17-Jun Esquires Bedford
23-Jun Glastonbury Festival Somerset
01-Jul The Forum Darlington
02-Jul Regal  Bathgate
09-Jul Princess Pavillion Falmouth
15-Jul Sugarmill Stoke
29-Jul 100 Club London
30-Jul 100 Club London
27-Aug Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
03-Sep The Horn St Albans
09-Sep The Half Moon London
10-Sep Concorde 2 Brighton
16-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
17-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
23-Sep O2 Academy  Bristol
07-Oct O2 Academy   Leicester
08-Oct The Flowerpot Derby
14-Oct The Old Firestation Bournemouth
15-Oct O2 Academy 2 Oxford
22-Oct The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
03-Nov O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
04-Nov O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
11-Nov Shiiine On Butlins Minehead
18-Nov Rescue Rooms Nottingham
19-Nov The Trades Rotherham
25-Nov The Brickyard Carlisle
26-Nov ABC Glasgow
03-Dec O2 Academy   Birmingham
08-Dec The Half Moon London
16-Dec The Good Ship London

2017 Strangeways 30 & More Songs That Saved Your Life

7-Jan O2Academy Islington London

13 Jan Sub 89 Reading

20 Jan Assembly Leamington

21 Jan The Globe Cardiff

28 Jan The Engine Rooms Southampton

17 Feb The Half Moon Putney

18 Feb Assembly Rooms Melksham

24 Feb O2 Academy Ritz Manchester

25 Feb Fibbers York

10 Mar The Flowerpot Derby

11 Mar Queens Hall Nuneaton

24 Mar Warehouse 23 Wakefield

25 Mar O2 Academy 2 Liverpool

1-Apr The Horn St Albans

7-Apr The Half Moon Putney

8-Apr The Wedgwood Rooms Southsea

21-Apr O2 Academy 2 Sheffield

22 Apr Picturedrome Holmfirth

30 Apr The Good Ship Kilburn London

5-May Limelight 2 Belfast

6-May Irish Music Experience Dublin

12 May Esquires Bedford

19 May O2 Academy Newcastle

2-Jun The Half Moon Putney

3-Jun O2 Academy 2 Birmingham

8-Jun O2 ABC 2 Glasgow

9-Jun O2 ABC 2 Glasgow

22 Jun Williams Green Glastonbury Festival

23 Jun Williams Green Glastonbury Festival

30 Jun Aquarium Lowestoft

7-Jul The Sugarmill Stoke

21 Jul The Half Moon Putney London

28 Jul 100 Club London

29 Jul 100 Club London

25 Aug Bungalow Bar Paisley

26 Aug The Liquid Rooms Edinburgh

1-Sep The Half Moon Putney London

8-Sep The Empire Coventry

9-Sep The Horn Reborn St Albans

15 Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds

16 Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds

22 Sep O2 Academy Bristol

6-Oct The Old Fire Station Bournemouth

7-Oct O2 Academy 2 Oxford

14 Oct Concorde 2 Brighton

20 Oct The Flowerpot Derby

21 Oct The Scholar O2 Academy Leicester

27 Oct The Forum Tunbridge Wells

3-Nov Rescue Rooms Nottingham

18 Nov The Brickyard Carlisle

24 Nov The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea

25 Nov The Half Moon, Putney London

30 Nov O2 ABC 2 Glasgow

1-Dec O2 ABC 2 Glasgow

2-Dec O2 Academy 2 Liverpool

8-Dec O2 Academy 2 Sheffield

9-Dec O2 Academy 2 Birmingham

16 Dec Craufurd Arms Milton Keynes


21 Dec O2 Academy Newcastle

2018 "Unite & Take Over"

Saturday January 6th London Islington O2 Academy

Friday January 12th Reading Sub 89

Saturday January 13th Cardiff The Globe

Friday January 19th - Leamington Assembly

Friday January 26th - Northampton Picturedrome

Saturday January 27th - Southampton Engine Rooms

Thursday February 15th - Putney The Half Moon

Friday February 16th - Putney The Half Moon

Saturday February 17th - Newport, IOW, Strings

Friday February 23rd - Manchester The Ritz

Saturday February 24th - York Fibbers

Friday March 9th Derby The Venue

Saturday March 10th - NUNEATON Queens Hall

Saturday March 17th - ST ALBANS The Horn   

Sunday March 18th - ST ALBANS The Horn

Friday March 23rd - SCUNTHORPE Lincoln Imp

Saturday March 24th - HOLMFIRTH Picturedrome

Friday April 6th - SHEFFIELD O2 Academy

Saturday April 7th - LIVERPOOL O2 Academy

Friday April 13th - DUBLIN The Academy Green Room 

Saturday April 14th - BELFAST Limelight 2 

Sunday April 15th - GALWAY - Monroe's Live 

Friday April 20th - WAKEFIELD Warehouse 23

Saturday April 21st - PRESTON Guildhall

Friday April 27th - PUTNEY The Half Moon 

Saturday April 28th - BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 2 

Friday May 4th - GLASGOW ABC

Saturday May 5th - GLASGOW ABC

Friday May 11th - BEDFORD Esquires

Friday May 18th - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy

Friday May 25th - SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms

Thursday May 31st - PUTNEY The Half Moon

Friday June 1st - PUTNEY - The Half Moon

Saturday June 2nd - NORWICH Waterfront UEA Studio

Friday July 6th - STOKE Sugarmill

Saturday July 20th  Cardiff The Globe

Friday July 26th - 100 Club London

Saturday July 27th - 100 Club London

Friday August 24th - GUILDFORD Boileroom

Friday August31st - PUTNEY The Half Moon

Saturday September 1st - ST ALBANS The Horn Reborn

Saturday September 8th - TUNBRIDGE WELLS The Forum

Friday September 21st - BRISTOL O2 Academy

Saturday September 22nd - NEWPORT IOW Strings Bar

Thursday September 27th - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club

Friday September 28th - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club

Saturday September 29th - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club

Thursday October 4th - MAIDENHEAD Pitchers Bar

Friday October 5th - BOURNEMOUTH The Old Fire Station

Saturday October 6th - OXFORD O2 Academy 2

Friday October 12th - DOVER The Booking Hall

Saturday October 13th - BRIGHTON Concorde 2

Friday October 19th - DERBY The Flowerpot

Saturday October 20th - LEICESTER - O2 Academy The Scholar

Thursday November 1st - PUTNEY The Half Moon

Saturday November 2nd - COVENTRY Empire

Friday November 9th - CLITHEROE The Grand

Saturday November 10th - CARLISLE The Brickyard

Friday November 16th - NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms 

Saturday November 17th - WOLVERTON - Craufurd Arms

Friday November 23rd - BATH Komedia

Saturday November 24th - SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms 

Saturday December 1st - EDINBURGH La Belle Angele

Friday December 7th - SHEFFIELD O2 Academy 2

Saturday December 8th - BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 2

Friday December 14th - PUTNEY The Half Moon

Saturday December 15th - PUTNEY The Half Moon

Thursday December 20th - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy

Friday December 21st - GLASGOW Garage

Saturday December 22nd - LIVERPOOL O2 Academy 2

2019 The Smiths & Hatful of Hollow 35/ The Queen Is Dead (Aus/NZ)

2019 saw our first ever Australian /NZ Tour with shows in Melbourne, Sydney (below, left), Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Fremantle, Wellington & Auckland. Photo (Left) from our Sydney show. We had truly become a global act.

Our UK Tour that year was Hatful of Hollow 35th Anniversary (below, right)

Saturday January 5th - LONDON Islington O2 Academy SOLD OUT

Friday January 11th - READING Sub 89

Saturday January 12th - CARDIFF The Globe  SOLD OUT

Friday January 18th - LEAMINGTON Assembly

Saturday January 19th - NORTHAMPTON Picturedrome

Thursday January 24th - PUTNEY The Half Moon

Friday January 25th - PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT

Saturday January 26th - SOUTHAMPTON Engine Rooms

Friday February 1st - MELBOURNE AUS Max Watts THE QUEEN IS DEAD + HITS

Saturday February 2nd - SYDNEY AUS Factory Theatre THE QUEEN IS DEAD + HITS SOLD OUT


Friday 8th February - ADELAIDE AUS  The Gov THE QUEEN IS DEAD + HITS

Saturday 9th February - PERTH AUS Rosemount Hotel THE QUEEN IS DEAD + HITS  SOLD OUT

Sunday 10th February -FREEMANTLE Mojo's Bar THE QUEEN IS DEAD + HITS



Saturday February 23rd - NORTHERN France - Hénin Rock Festival

 Friday March 1st - YORK Fibbers

Saturday March 2nd - MANCHESTER - O2 Ritz

Friday March 8th - COLCHESTER Arts Centre  SOLD OUT

Friday March 15th - DERBY The Venue SOLD OUT

Saturday March 16th - NUNEATON - Queens Hall

Friday March 22nd PUTNEY The Half Moon  SOLD OUT

Friday March 29th - WAKEFIELD - Warehouse 23

Saturday March 30th - PRESTON - Guildhall

Friday April 5th - HITCHIN Club 85

Saturday April 6th ST ALBANS The Horn - SOLD OUT

Sunday April 7th - ST ALBANS The Horn - SOLD OUT

Saturday April 13th SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms SOLD OUT

Friday April 26th SHEFFIELD O2 Academy 2 

Saturday April 27th - HOLMFIRTH Picturedrome

Friday May 3rd BELFAST - Limelight 2 

Saturday May 4th GLASGOW - The Garage 

Thursday May 9th PUTNEY - The Half Moon

Friday May 10th - BEDFORD Esquires SOLD OUT

Friday May 17th  - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy  

Saturday May 25th - BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy  

Friday June 7th - REDCAR Cotham Memorial Hall

Saturday June 8th - HALIFAX Square Chapel Arts Centre

Saturday June 15th - NORWICH Waterfront

Sunday June 30th - PUTNEY The Half Moon

Friday July 5th - STOKE Sugarmill SOLD OUT

Saturday July 6th - CARDIFF The Globe HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SHOW  SOLD OUT

Saturday July 20th SOUTHAMPTON Engine Rooms HATFUL OF HOLLOW SHOW 

Friday July 26th - LONDON 100 Club - HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SHOW -  SOLD OUT

Saturday July 27th - LONDON 100 Club - HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SHOW -  SOLD OUT

Friday September 6th - PUTNEY The Half Moon THE BEST OF THE SMITHS SOLD OUT

Saturday September 7th - ST ALBANS The Horn HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SHOW SOLD OUT

Thursday September 12th - GUILDFORD The Boileroom HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SHOW

Saturday September 14th BRIGHTON Concorde 2 THE SMITHS 35

Thursday September 19th - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

Friday September 20th - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club - THE SMITHS 35 SOLD OUT

Saturday September 21st - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club - HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SOLD OUT

Friday September 27th GREENOCK The Albany - BEST OF THE SMITHS - SOLD OUT

Saturday September 28th - MANCHESTER Ritz - HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

Thursday October 17th DERBY The Flowerpot SONGS OF LOVE & HATE (The Best of The Smiths)

Friday October 18th - DERBY The Flowerpot  HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SOLD OUT

Saturday October 19th - LEICESTER O2 The Scholar HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

Friday October 25th - BOURNEMOUTH - The Old Firestation HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35


Friday November 1st - BRISTOL O2 Academy HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

 Friday November 8th - PUTNEY The Half Moon SONGS OF LOVE & HATE (The Best of The Smiths) SOLD OUT

 Saturday November 9th - SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

Thursday November 14th - OXFORD O2 Academy 2  HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

Friday November 15th - NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms  HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SOLD OUT

Saturday November 16th - HERTFORD Corn Exchange   HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

Friday November 29th - CARLISLE The Brickyard   HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

Saturday November 30th - DARLINGTON Forum HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SOLD OUT

 Thursday December 5th - BATH Komedia  HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

Friday December 6th - BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 2 HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 

Saturday December 7th - WOLVERTON The Craufurd Arms HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 SOLD OUT

 Friday December 13th - SHEFFIELD O2 Academy 2 HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 

Saturday December 14th - LIVERPOOL O2 Academy 2  HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 

Thursday December 19th - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 

Friday December 20th  GLASGOW The Garage   HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35 

Saturday December 21st - EDINBURGH La Belle Angele  HATFUL OF HOLLOW 35

2020 Meat Is Murder 35 & Heaven Knows We're Distancing Now/ Hatful of Hollow (Australia & New Zealand)

2020 started with a sell-out show at London O2 Academy Islington in what turned out to be one of our last UK shows for 8 months. Upon return from our 2nd Australia/NZ Tour lockdown began and we didn't play again until Halloween of 2020 - the first of our "Heaven Know's We're Distancing Now" shows that carried through to the Summer of 2021. Unprecedented (and very scary) times.

Friday January 10th - COVENTRY Empire 

Saturday January 11th - LONDON Islington O2 Academy SOLD OUT

Friday January 17th - READING Sub 89 

Saturday January 18th - CARDIFF The Globe  SOLD OUT

Friday January 24th - NORTHAMPTON Roadmender

Saturday January 25th - SOUTHAMPTON Engine Rooms 

Friday February 14th - WELLINGTON NZ, San Fran - Hatful of Hollow 35

Saturday February 15th - AUCKLAND NZ The Tuning Fork - Hatful of Hollow 35

Wednesday February 19th - BRISBANE AUS, The Zoo - Hatful of Hollow 35  SOLD OUT

Friday  February 21st - MELBOURNE AUS, Max Watts - Hatful of Hollow 35

Saturday February 22nd- SYDNEY AUS, The Factory Theatre - Hatful of Hollow 35  SOLD OUT

Thursday February 27th - ADELAIDE AUS, The Gov - Hatful of Hollow 35

Friday February 28th - HILLARYS Bar 1 Night Club - Hatful of Hollow 35

Saturday February 29th - PERTH AUS, Rosemount Hotel - Hatful of Hollow 35  SOLD OUT


Saturday October 31st - MILTON KEYNES - Craufurd Arms - 2 performances SOLD OUT

Saturday December 5th ST ALBANS The Horn 

2pm performance SOLD OUT

7 pm performance  SOLD OUT

 Sunday December 6th ST ALBANS The Horn

2pm performance SOLD OUT

7 pm performance SOLD OUT

Saturday December 12th LONDON 100 Club

5pm performance  8.45pm performance SOLD OUT

2021 Heaven Knows We're Distancing Still & The Queen Is Dead 35

2021 saw the UK (like almost everywhere) shut down for the first several months. Our Social Distanced shows resumed with a triple of gigs at Leeds' Brudenell Social Club and finished two months later at Southsea's Wedgewood Rooms. Our full capacity shows resumed a week later on July 23rd for the first of 2 sold out shows at London's 100 Club where we began the 35th Anniversary Tour of The Queen Is Dead. By the end of that year we'd played almost a year's total of gigs in 5 months. We were delighted to be back doing what we love.

Saturday May 22nd LEEDS Brudenell Social Club - Matinee  SOLD OUT

Saturday May 22nd LEEDS Brudenell Social Club - Evening SOLD OUT

Sunday May 23rd LEEDS Brudenell Social Club - Matinee SOLD OUT






Saturday June 12th - NUNEATON QUEEN'S HALL 

Sunday June 13th - BEDFORD Esquires - evening show only 

Saturday June 19th - PUTNEY HALF MOON SOLD OUT

Sunday June 20th - ST ALBANS - 2 performances  SOLD OUT

Saturday July 10th - PUTNEY HALF MOON Meat is Murder + The Queen Is Dead matinee  evening (SOLD OUT)

 Sunday July 18th - SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms - 3pm matinee  / 7.30pm evening show SOLD OUT



Friday July 23rd LONDON 100 CLUB SOLD OUT

Saturday July 24th LONDON 100 Club SOLD OUT

Friday July 30th FROME Cheese & Grain

Saturday July 31st - NEWPORT, IOW, Strings Music Bar

Saturday August 7th NORWICH The Adrian Flux Waterfront 

Friday August 20th STOKE Sugarmill

Saturday August 21st HITCHIN Club 85

Friday August 27th CARDIFF The Globe

Saturday August 28th PETERBOROUGH Met Lounge

Sunday August 29th MILTON KEYNES Craufurd Arms

Friday September 10th PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT

Saturday 11th September PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT

Sunday 12th September BEDFORD Esquires MIM/QID

Friday September 17th TUNBRIDGE WELLS FORUM 

Saturday September 18th  BRIGHTON Concorde 2  

Sunday September 19th ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL Hipshaker Tent at 1745H

Thursday September 23rd LEEDS Brudenell Social Club - MEAT IS MURDER + HITS

Friday September 24th LEEDS Brudenell Social Club THE QUEEN IS DEAD + HITS SOLD OUT

Saturday September 25th LEEDS Brudenell Social Club THE QUEEN IS DEAD + HITS SOLD OUT

Thursday 30th September   DERBY The Venue    SOLD OUT

Friday October 1st MANCHESTER Ritz

Saturday October 2nd LIVERPOOL O2 Academy

Thursday October 7th OXFORD O2 Academy 

Friday October 8th BOURNEMOUTH Old Firestation

Saturday October 9th  SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms  

Friday October 15th LEICESTER O2 Academy

Saturday October 16th NUNEATON Queens Hall 

Friday October 22nd COLCHESTER Arts Centre SOLD OUT

Saturday October 23rd  -GUILDFORD The Boileroom  SOLD OUT

Friday October 29th BRISTOL O2 Academy

Saturday October 30th BRIDPORT Electric Palace

Sunday October 31st BATH Komedia MIM/QID

Thursday November 4th WORTHING Factory Live - 'Best Of" Set

 Friday November 12th NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms SOLD OUT

Saturday November 13th PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT

Saturday November 20th - ST ALBANS The Horn  SOLD OUT

Sunday November 21st - ST ALBANS The Horn SOLD OUT

Friday 26th November CARLISLE The Brickyard 

Saturday 27th November DARLINGTON Forum SOLD OUT

Friday December 3rd CHESTER Live Rooms 

Saturday December 4th KENDAL Brewery Arts Centre 

Friday December 10th SHEFFIELD O2 Academy 

Saturday December 11th BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy SOLD OUT 

Friday December 17th EDINBURGH La Belle Angele 

Saturday December 18th GLASGOW Garage  


2022 Strangeways Here We Come 35th Anniversary/ The Songs That Saved Your Life (Best of) -Australia & New Zealand.

With Covid retreating and International air travel resuming, 2022 saw us return to Australia and New Zealand for our third tour of those countries - that tour being a best of show. In the UK we celebrated the 35th Anniversary of Strangeways Here We Come - playing the album in full at many of the shows.

Saturday January 8th ISLINGTON Academy 1 SOLD OUT

Friday January 14th 2022 - READING SUB 89  

 Saturday January 15th  2022 SOUTHAMPTON Engine Rooms 

Friday January 28th CARDIFF The Globe 

Saturday January 29th STROUD Subscription Rooms

Friday February 4th BARNSLEY Birdwell  

Saturday February 5th MILTON KEYNES (Wolverton) Craufurd Arms

Thursday February 10th PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT

Friday February 11th PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT

Saturday February 12th HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Chaulden Community Centre 

Friday March 11th  - YORK The Crescent    SOLD OUT

Saturday March 12th - HALIFAX Square Chapel Arts Centre 

Friday March 18th  - Hertford Corn Exchange (rescheduled from Nov 19th 2021) SOLD OUT

Friday March 25th GILLINGHAM Glassbox Theatre 

Saturday March 26th PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT

Friday April 1st COLCHESTER Arts Centre 

Saturday April 2nd DERBY The Venue 

Friday April 22nd HITCHIN Club 85 

Saturday April 23rd SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms 

Friday April 29th WITNEY Fat Lil's  

Saturday April 30th ST ALBANS The Horn SOLD OUT

Sunday May 1st ST ALBANS The Horn (close to sell out)

 Friday May 20 Sheffield O2 Academy 2 

Saturday May 21 Birmingham O2 Academy 2 

Friday May 27 Putney The Half Moon SOLD OUT

Saturday May 28 GUILDFORD Boileroom 

Friday June 3rd GREENOCK The Albany

Saturday June 4th BLACKPOOL Bootleg Social Club  

Friday June 10th WALTHAM ABBEY Town Hall 

Saturday June 11th WORTHING Factory Live 

Friday June 17th BEDFORD Esquires 

Saturday June 18th NUNEATON Queens Hall

Friday July 1st NORTHAMPTON Roadmender 

Saturday July 2nd STOKE Sugarmill

Friday July 8th YORK The Crescent

Saturday July 16th CARDIFF The Globe 

Friday July 29th LONDON 100 Club SOLD OUT

Saturday July 30th LONDON 100 Club SOLD OUT

Friday August 5th WELLINGTON San Fran 

\Saturday August 6th AUCKLAND Tuning Fork  SOLD OUT

Thursday August 11th BRISBANE The Triffid 

Friday August 12th SYDNEY Factory Theatre SOLD OUT

Saturday August 13th MELBOURNE Max Watts 

\Thursday August 18th ADELAIDE The Gov 

Friday August 19th FREMANTLE Mojos  SOLD OUT

Saturday August 20th PERTH Rosemount Hotel  SOLD OUT

 Friday September 2nd PUTNEY The Half Moon - BEST OF SHOW

Saturday September 3rd PUTNEY The Half Moon - BEST OF SHOW

Friday September 9th FROME Cheese & Grain 

Saturday September 10th ST ALBANS The Horn - BEST OF SHOW SOLD OUT

Sunday September 11th ST ALBANS The Horn - BEST OF SHOW SOLD OUT

Friday September 16th LEAMINGTON SPA Assembly 

Saturday September 17th - BRIGHTON Concorde 2

Thursday September 22nd - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club

Friday September 23rd - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club SOLD OUT 

Saturday September 24th - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club SOLD OUT

Friday October 7th - TUNBRIDGE WELLS  The Forum  SOLD OUT

Saturday October 8th MILTON KEYNES Craufurd Arms  - BEST OF SHOW

Friday October 14th -BOURNEMOUTH The Old Firestation 

Saturday October 15th SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms  BEST OF SHOW

Friday October 28th NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms  SOLD OUT

Saturday October 29th -PETERBOROUGH Met Lounge 

Friday November 4th - BRISTOL O2 Academy  

Saturday November 5th - OXFORD O2 Academy 2 

Friday 11th November PUTNEY The Half Moon  SOLD OUT

Saturday November 12th PUTNEY The Half Moon 

Friday November 18th LEICESTER O2 The Scholar SOLD OUT

Saturday November 19th DERBY The Flowerpot BEST OF SHOW SOLD OUT

 Friday November 25th - LIVERPOOL O2 Academy 2 

Saturday November 26th - MANCHESTER Ritz    GIG #850

Friday December 2nd DARLINGTON Forum  SOLD OUT

Saturday December 3rd CARLISLE Brickyard 

Friday 9th SHEFFIELD O2 Academy 2 -BEST OF SHOW

Saturday 10h BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 2 -BEST OF SHOW 

Friday December 16th GLASGOW Garage 

Saturday December 17th EDINBURGH La Belle Angele 


2023 The Smyths 20th Anniversary Tour

2023 saw the Twentieth Anniversary of ourselves. In June 2003 we met in a London rehearsal studio and proceeded to spend the next 9 months rehearsing for our very first show that would take place at Putney's Half Moon on Sunday March 8th - a show that was a sell-out.

The rest is our history! Our UK tour for 2023 saw us curate show by show sets of songs we wanted to play giving us the chance to create the mood and atmosphere of each live event. 2023 saw us achieve our 950th show - taking place at London's 100 Club.

Saturday January 7th ISLINGTON O2 Academy  SOLD OUT 

Friday January 13th READING Sub 89 SOLD OUT 
Saturday January 14th SOUTHAMPTON Engine Rooms  
Saturday January 21st NEWCASTLE City Hall 
Friday January 27th MILTON KEYNES Craufurd Arms  
Saturday January 28th  CARDIFF The Globe SOLD OUT 
Friday February 17th Barnsley Birdwell 
Saturday February 25th  BRIDPORT Electric Palace 864
Friday March 10th PUTNEY LONDON The Half Moon SOLD OUT 
Saturday March 11th PUTNEY LONDON The Half Moon SOLD OUT 
Friday March 17th NUNEATON Queens Hall 867
Saturday March 18th HITCHIN SOLD OUT 
Friday March 24th HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Chauldon Community Centre  
Saturday March 25th CAMBRIDGE Mash 
Friday April 7th DERBY Flowerpot  SOLD OUT 
Saturday April 8th HALIFAX Square Chapel Arts Centre 
Friday April 14th COLCHESTER Arts Centre SOLD OUT 
Saturday April 15th SOUTHSEA The Wedgewood RoomsSOLD OUT 
Friday April 21st HERTFORD Corn Exchange  SOLD OUT 
Saturday April 22nd ST ALBANS The Horn SOLD OUT 
Friday May 5th SHEFFIELD O2 Academy  
Saturday May 6th BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 
Friday May 19th PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT  
Saturday May 20th PUTNEY  The Half Moon SOLD OUT
Friday May 26th GLASGOW Garage  
Saturday May 27th DUNDEE Church 
Friday June 2nd NORTHAMPTON Roadmender 
Saturday June 3rd DERBY The Flowerpot 
Friday June 16th NORWICH Waterfront  
Saturday June 17th YORK The Crescent SOLD OUT 
Friday June 23rd FARSLEY The Old Woollen 
Saturday June 24th STONE VALLEY NORTH FESTIVAL, Durham  
Friday June 30th GUILDFORD Boileroom  SOLD OUT 
Saturday July 1st SOUTHAMPTON The Brook   

 Friday July 7th CHESTER Live Rooms  

Saturday July 8th STOKE Sugarmill 
Friday July 21st TUNBRIDGE WELLS Forum  SOLD OUT 
Saturday July 22nd WORTHING Factory Live SOLD OUT 
Friday July 28th LONDON 100 Club  SOLD OUT 
Saturday July 29th LONDON 100 Club  SOLD OUT SHOW 900
Friday August 25th BEDFORD Esquires  SOLD OUT 
Saturday August 26th HUDDERSFIELD Parish - SOLD OUT 
Friday September 1st WYCOMBE ARTS CENTRE  
Saturday September 2nd PUTNEY The Half Moon  - SOLD OUT 
Friday September 15th GILLINGHAM Great Hall  
Thursday 21st September LEEDS Brudenell Social Club  SOLD OUT
Friday 22nd September LEEDS Brudenell Social Club SOLD OUT 
Saturday 23rd September LEEDS Brudenell Social Club SOLD OUT 
Saturday October 7th ST ALBANS SOLD OUT
Friday October 13th FROME Cheese & Grain 
Saturday October 14th SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms SOLD OUT 
Friday October 20th  DERBY The Flowerpot  SOLD OUT 
Saturday October 21st LEICESTER O2 Academy
Friday November 3rd BRISTOL O2 Academy  
Saturday November 4th OXFORD O2 Academy 2 
Friday November 10th PUTNEY Half Moon     SOLD OUT 
Saturday November 11th PUTNEY Half Moon SOLD OUT 
Friday November 17th NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms SOLD OUT  
Saturday November 18th LEAMINGTON SPA Assembly  
Friday November 24th LIVERPOOL O2 Academy  
Saturday November 25th BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 2  SOLD OUT
Friday December 1st DARLINGTON Forum Music Centre  SOLD OUT
Saturday December 2nd EDINBURGH La Belle Angele   SOLD OUT 
Friday December 1st DARLINGTON Forum Music Centre  SOLD OUT
Saturday December 2nd EDINBURGH La Belle Angele   SOLD OUT 
Saturday December 9th MANCHESTER O2 Ritz  
Friday December 15th GLASGOW GARAGE   
Friday December 22nd BOURNEMOUTH O2 Academy   
Saturday December 23rd BRIGHTON Concorde 2 

2024 - '84 - A celebration of "The Smiths"/"HATFUL of HOLLOW +"

Friday January 5th 2024 NEWCASTLE City Hall  

Friday January 12th CARDIFF Tramshed  

Friday January 26th READING Sub 89  
Saturday January 27th SOUTHAMPTON Engine Rooms  
Thursday February 15th FREMANTLE Freo Social  
Friday February 16th PERTH Rosemount Hotel  SOLD OUT 
Saturday February 17th ADELAIDE The Gov  
Thursday February 22nd BRISBANE The Trifid 
Friday February 23rd MELBOURNE Max Watts SOLD OUT
Saturday February 24th SYDNEY Manning Bar SOLD OUT
Thursday March 14th PUTNEY The Half Moon
Friday March 15th PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT
Saturday March 16th COLCHESTER Arts Centre  SOLD OUT
Friday March 29th BELFAST Limelight 2  SOLD OUT
Saturday March 30th DUBLIN Academy Green Room  
Friday April 5th DERBY The Flowerpot SOLD OUT
Saturday April 6th LEEDS O2 Academy *
Friday April 19th LONDON O2 Brixton Academy 
Saturday April 20th SOUTHSEA Wedgewood Rooms SOLD OUT
Friday April 26th NORWICH Waterfront  SOLD OUT
Saturday April 27th CAMBRIDGE Mash  SOLD OUT
Saturday May 4th GLASGOW Garage
Thursday May 9th PUTNEY The Half Moon
Friday May 10th PUTNEY The Half Moon SOLD OUT