Dear Smyths

 I have loved The Smiths since May 1983 when aged 15, having just heard a song of such startling beauty, poignancy and strangeness on John Peel’s radio show, half asleep I scrawled its title in pencil on my bed head so I wouldn’t forget it: Reel Around the Foundation.

 I never write emails like this, being today a slightly grumpy middle aged man. But after being witness to what you achieved on Friday night at Leamington I want to break the habit of a lifetime. Quite simply, I have not been to a gig I enjoyed more in 25 years.

I was once the proud owner of a ticket to see The Smiths at the Royal Albert Hall in 1985. It remained unused (another story!) and I never got my chance again. So my love of Smiths songs is sustained only through records and television.

 You did something incredible and moving on Friday night. You took the music I have loved for 32 years and breathed new life into it, allowing me to experience it in a whole new, vital way. 

Your performance wasn’t about nostalgia. It was about the here and now, about dancing my legs down to the knees with some of the people I love most in the world. It was about being totally lost in the power of great songs brought so vividly to life.

 Of course you achieved this through being incredibly accomplished technically – all four of you. That is just the springboard though. Your mastery of the songs allows you to make the leap into creating something truly special in a live context. 

 Your performance of I Know It’s Over exemplified this. In a canon of great Smiths recordings, to me the live rendition of this song on the Rank album remains one of the most powerful and emotionally charged of all Smiths songs. Big boots to fill! You took this song on and made it your own – you owned its power for yourselves. This wasn’t watching a tribute act. It was witnessing a great song meeting a great performance to create something truly memorable.

Thanks so much for doing what you do. And for being so bloody good at it.

Andrew Green



"Badly dressed mercenaries"

Viva Morrissey - the Morrissey Tribute



I was with a group of friends that I hadn't seen since Uni more than 20 years ago. We had the best time (at The Ritz, 27/2/15) and sang ourselves hoarse. I agree that 'Tribute band' is often used pejoratively but what you have is something very special. When I see the West End crammed with touristy and tacky juke-box musicals I thank goodness there are people like yourselves who keep live (and classic) music alive with style, passion and dignity. Thanks again, Tim Mulviel

I was one of the two old geezers on Friday night at The Wedgewood Rooms right on the very front barrier. I’m 57 and my mate who was alongside me is 60. He had no idea of any of the songs or even who The Smiths or The Smyths are, yet by the second half he was dancing around like a Duracell bunny that had been plugged into the mains. He had the time of his life. As I mentioned to a couple of you after the gig, last year I brought my daughter Gilly who you dedicated “There is a light” to. She was SO in awe of you last year that she decided she wouldn’t come this year as (in her words)”…it was just SO brilliant that it could never be bettered”. Put simply, Friday night was (ONCE AGAIN) simply awesome. I cannot thank you enough for such a brilliant, brilliant evening.

Lord Nick Williams (Portsmouth)

Congrats on an excellent night on Friday...you really nailed it ...again. Looking forward to October!
Phil & Jayne Gethen

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the concert on Saturday night in Islington.  I will be honest with you and say that when my friend asked me if I would like to go to the gig, I was a bit sceptical about it, purely because I'm not one for the 'Tribute' bands so to speak.  For me The Smiths (like most Smith fans) meant everything to me when I was a teenager, as they still do today.  The words, the music, what they said, stood for etc, I could just relate too.  So for me they were simply untouchable and I always thought no one will ever come anywhere near to pulling them off in the world of tribute bands and that no one should even consider to do so. They were/are just to iconic a band for me.

But having decided to go with my friend on Saturday, (at the very least I thought it would be a good night out and somewhere where they will be playing Smiths songs all night) I can now do nothing more then to bow down to a fantastic performance from the band.  I left the venue on Saturday night having been blown away by it all, having been taken back to my teenage years and memories sat in my bedroom playing the Queen is Dead album (my all time favourite Smiths album) while doing my homework.  I can now but hold my hands up and simply say thank you for a great night and how much I loved the fact that I was so wrong beforehand.  So much so, that I am now making plans to come to the gig in Putney on the 6th March and also The Bombs Won't Listen gig


Gary Chantler

Hi Lads, just want to say how brilliant you guys are. My best friend and I went to see you in Putney tonight and we were blown away with the talent you all have as musicians. You are definitely the best Smiths tribute band out there. Thank you for a wonderful evening. We will be seeing you next year! 
Ed and Sian, Richmond Upon Thames

Hi!I went and saw you with some friends in Oxford recently - brilliant! I've just bought 20 tickets for Putney on 23rd Nov !
Anton Wisely

Hi All, Am just dropping you a note to thank you for a great night last night. It was the first time that I had seen you live and thought you were nothing short of fantastic. The band is as tight as any I have seen and did a real credit to the songs that saved my life. You yourself were fantastic and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future ( I was the one who threw my t-shirt for you at the end for which I apologise he he). Once again, thanks for a fantastic evening.
Nathan Steggles, Putney

Hi, A few weeks back my other half booked tickets to see you guys, I'll be honest i am 49, and have been a smiths fan and morrissey fan since '82 so as you know mozzer's songs are close to our hearts (rubber ring) so i had deep reservations about your band, but the great thing about life is sometimes it suprises us, i was gobsmacked!!!firstly the music, great musicians, and your vocal delivery was amazing the irony is, i saw the smiths in 82 and you sounded better than them, mind you the university pa was a bit crap.But anyway excellent, thankyou.
Come back to oxford soon my sister wants to see you. 
Colin Brawn, Oxford

Hi there I just wanted to say what an absolutely fantastic gig you put on in Glasagow on Saturday night; I have been a massive fan of Morrissey and The Smiths for over 30 years and I have to say that this was one of the best gigs I have ever been to.....please hurry back to Scotland!!! 
Yours Fiona O - Glasgow

Hi, Fantastic night at Newcastle last night guys. Loved it. Great for a group of 40-somethings to remember those times. Cracking set and great crowd. Thanks for taking the time to have your picture taken with us at the end.Keep doing what you do. Morrissey rules. 
Jason Wainwright, Newcastle

First of all can I just say what a brilliant set you played on Saturday night in Darlington, all of my favourites included.
Too shy to tell you this when i left and you were at the end of the bar having a well earned drink! Would have loved my 15 minutes with you... The gig really made my weekend and hearing all the old Smiths songs played so well brought back lots of happy memories for me. Its a long time to wait until your next Newcastle gig but it will be worth the wait. Especially to see Simon up close again master the bass and swagger... I'll be up front again if only for the first set - absolutely great musical performance
Julie, Darlington

I just wanted to send a thank-you for last night's gig, it was totally spectacular and a real birthday treat! Being right at the front was such a brilliant experience, even grabbing Mozzer's hand! The setlist was fantastic, you (unknowingly) played all my favourites, and they were note-perfect and such a blast. I never got to experience The Smiths, but now I don't think I'll ever have to. 
Joe O'Connell. Birmingham

High notes a challenge...? What was I talking about...? You absolutely nailed it...!
Fantastic Chaps, and thanks for the shout.
Top top night...always enjoy it.
Vasco Gomes - Half Moon Putney

I saw you on the Friday of the IOW festival in the Hipshaker lounge.This was the highlight of my weekend.The crowd was jolly yet a bit wild, and I loved the way security hated everyone going nuts and diving about. I recommended you to my brother and Sister, who recently went to Portsmouth to see you and they loved it. Keep it up guys! 
Jon Lord 

"Great gig.By far the best band on Friday" 
Daniel Yoeman IOW 2011 

"the highlight of our weekend" 
Alana Brooke IOW 2011

I was at the Tamworth gig...throughly enjoyed it. Tremendous set from a terrific band. Hope to see you v.soon. 
Kevin Hough, Tamworth 

The Smyths came on and it was indeed a blistering set..a BRILLIANT night...The Smyths are indeed the BEST Smiths tribute band in the world.
Phil Gatenby, (Author - Panic on the streets of London/Morrissey's Manchester) Ritz Ballroom

Last night was just fantastic. 
Steven Leicester Ritz Ballroom 12.3.10 

Well done lads...another ace gig! See you soon X 
Rachel Burgess Leeds

Darlo was quality!!!Loved it last night! had no voice left!! ha! ha! BrillX 
Lisa Turnbull Darlington show

The pleasure and the priviledge was ours fellas. Thanks
Darrin Holman. Darlington show

Great performance in Darlington last night - "I know it's over" - fantastic! 
Jeff Eaves. Darlington show

The bass player could have chucked his rose at me, mind. Phwoar! 
Sue Angel Willis. Darlington show

Hi there, just to say what a fantastic show you and the lads put on at the Rescue Rooms last night. I liked the fact that you included less obvious tracks in the set and to finish with hand in glove was superb. 
Kevin Allsop

Just a quick word to say hello. I have seen the band now about 20 times all over the north of England and I can honestly say I have loved every gig i have seen. I also enjoy the craic we have with the band before during and after the show. Will be seeing you again in Febuary at the New Roscoe, get ready for the stage dive "G", 
Darren Robinson, Leeds (Officially the No1. Fan)

Saw the band Saturday at the Forum and can honestly say having seen Morrissey (but not The Smiths) you were spot on !
Peter, Darlington

We saw you in Leeds in February and thought you were terrific. When are you coming to North America? Canada and the U.S. would welcome the Smyths with open arms. No one is doing anything even comparable here, your fans await.
Mark Preston

We saw you at the pacific centre , Birkenhead, Merseyside, it was Awesome, 
Jules (avid Smiths fan)

Me and my husband came to see you on the 23rd, you were absolutely brilliant, it was a great night. PLEASE COME BACK SOOOOOOOOOOOON.
Jo & Antony Wilson

Hi!I was at the front at Birkenhead the other night,I just had to say you and the band were seriously fantastic!!!!

I just wanted to say I have been listening to your mp3's and as a massive fan I think you are uncannilly accurate and are the nearest we will get to the old original sound. 
Ben Manning

seen you in birkenhead at pacific road ... absolutley amazing. I am a huge Moz fan -seen him many times - this may sound crazy but I prefered seeing The Smyths; its the up close and personal thing. All the best and keep the faith.
Mark Reilly

We were there at the flowerpot in Derby and can i just say how amazing it was. Due to my age, i never got the chance to see The Smiths, and you were fantastic, making it a truely memorable time for me. 

As a very passionate Smiths fan, I did have reservations about seeing a tribute band, but I must say fella what a totally top show. Blew my girlfriend and me away. Having seen the Moz a few times I can only say you have the act down to a tee. What's more, the 25 or so songs you knocked out were musically stunning pass my congrats to the band. As a bit of a aging guitarist myself I know the difficulties in covering their songs (tried to add Boy with the thorn in his side to our set without success). Anyway as I say top marks and long may you continue, look forward to your return to Portsmouth.

Have never sent an email to any band before, but felt the need after such a great night.. 
...Cheers Shaun

Hello 'Moz'. Many thanks for the 'shout out' on Friday. What an awsome gig! As I said before it was the first time we had seen you and without doubt (as I'm sure you have been told many times before) you are as close as it comes to seeing the Smiths live. It was a real treat to see such a great live performance and aside from your fantastic vocals (of course!) I have to say the rest of the guys have their music note perfect, fantasic!That was all, just a thank you really, and we look forward to seeing you next time you are down our way (Bournemouth/Poole/Dorset). 
Matt Lane