As and when the information becomes available we will post all show times on this page. Show times vary between venues according to there being or not being a club night after our show. When there is a club night then typically doors will open between 6.30 and 7 pm and the band's show will start at 7.45pm. Our shows almost always consist of 2 sets.




September 19/20/21: Leeds Brudenell Social Club. On stage 8.45 -11 pm

September 27: The Albany, Greenock. On Stage 8.30 - 10.50 pm

September 28th: Manchester Ritz: On stage TBC

October 17th/18th: Derby The Flowerpot. On stage 9pm -11.15 pm

October 19th: Leicester O2 The Scholar: TBC

October 26th: Bournemouth The Old Firestation: On stage 7.45 -10pm

October 27th: Tunbridge Wells The Forum: On stage 8.45 - 11pm

November 1st: Bristol O2 Academy: On stage 7.45 -10pm

November 8th: Putney The Half Moon. On stage 8.45 -11pm

November 9th: Soutsea Wedgewood Rooms: On stage 8.45 -11pm

November 14th: Oxford O2 Academy 2: On stage 7.45 - 10pm

November 15th: Nottingham Rescue Rooms: On stage 7.45 -10pm

November 16th: Hertford Corn Exchange: On stage 8.45-11pm.

November 29th: Carlisle The Brickyard : On stage 8.45 -11pm

November 30th: Darlington The Fourm: On stage 8.45 -11pm