2004 3 shows

07-Mar Half Moon London
Date unknown Metro Club London
12-Nov Southern K London

2005 32 shows

(above): With Stephen Street, Woodside Social Club September 1st 2005/ Poster from our show with Frank Sidebottom at Buffalo Bar, London, November 12th 2005

06-Jan The Horn St Albans with Reorder
Jan-17 Southern K London  
Feb-17 Hope & Anchor London  
18-Mar Eurodusnie Leiden  
19-Mar Splotz Holland  
20-Mar OCC11 Amsterdam  
08-Apr Stripes Brentford London  
09-Apr Dry Bar Manchester  
16-Apr Quarry Night (Extra Time Bar) London  
05-May Bethnal Green W M Club London  
07-May Kings Arms Acton London  
12-May The Horn St Albans  
13-May All Manna K Bar London  
17-Jun Private Party London With Reorder
18-Jun Dublin Castle London  
01-Jul The Baths Scunthorpe  
30-Jul The Horn St Albans  
21-Aug Half Moon London  
01-Sep Bush Hall (Slam City Party) London  
02-Sep Woodside Social Glasgow  
03-Sep The Spot Hartlepool  
04-Sep New Roscoe Leeds  
06-Oct The Good Ship Kilburn With Reorder
07-Oct Dublin Castle London  
15-Oct Quarry Night London  
27-Oct The Nags Heads Nuneaton  
11-Nov The Corn Hall Cirencester  
12-Nov Buffalo Bar Islington  
01-Dec Half Moon London  
08-Dec The Horn St Albans  
15-Dec The Good Ship Kilburn  
16-Dec The Met Lounge Peterborough  

2006 44 shows

(Above): Backstage with Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke, JAMM, Brixton July 14th 2006/ Graham with London's Night Tsar, Amy Lamé, Duckie, Vauxhall Tavern July 8th 2006/ Graham with Mike Joyce, JAMM, Brixton July 14th 2006/ Poster from our show ar Vooruit, Ghent May 25th 2006

13-Jan The Studio Hartlepool  
15-Jan New Roscoe Leeds  
21-Jan The Dublin Castle London With Reorder
09-Feb DeBees Winsford  
18-Feb The Moses Gate Bolton  
02-Mar Half Moon London  
03-Mar The Agincourt Camberley  
04-Mar Tavistock Bowl London  
17-Mar The Beat Club Glasgow  
18-Mar KEF Aberdeen  
20-Apr The Horn St Albans  
29-Apr The Cavern Liverpool  
30-Apr The Castle Oldham  
01-May The Robin 2 Wolverhampton  
12-May The Venue London  
25-May Vooruit Ghent  
26-May Apple Orchard R'veen Holland  
27-May Splotz R'veen Holland  
04-Jun The Nags Head Nuneaton  
30-Jun Clockwerk  London  
07-Jul Venue New Cross  
08-Jul Duckie London  
14-Jul Jamm, Brixton London   
29-Jul Dublin Castle Camden  
05-Aug The Good Ship London  
10-Aug Half Moon London  
11-Aug Potters Nottngham  
12-Aug The Met Lounge Peterborough  
13-Aug New Roscoe Leeds  
01-Sep Princess Caroline Boat Southampton  
08-Sep Venue New Cross  
16-Sep KEF Aberdeen  
22-Sep Grey Horse Kingston With Reorder
29-Sep The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea With Reorder
07-Oct Bonded Warehouse Sunderland  
12-Oct Bar Monsta, Camden London  
26-Oct Snobs Birmingham  
17-Nov Venue New Cross  
23-Nov The Studio Hartlepool  
24-Nov The Studio Hartlepool  
25-Nov The Hangar Scunthorpe  
30-Nov The Nags Head Nuneaton  
07-Dec Half Moon London  
15-Dec The Good Ship London  

2007 59 shows

(Above): Graham singing, Andy Rourke playing This Charming Man, backstage, Bar Academy, Islington, Thursday August 16th 2007 after the book launch show for Phil Gartside's book "Panic On The Streets"/ Graham, Mike Joyce and ?? outside Bar Academy, Islington

12-Jan Venue New Cross  
13-Jan The Horn St Albans  
20-Jan The Dublin Castle London  
02-Feb Met Lounge Peterborough  
04-Feb New Roscoe Leeds  
10-Feb Kingsmeadow Kingston With Reorder
16-Feb Mr Kyps Poole  
27-Feb Leonards London  
08-Mar Pacific Road  Birkenhead With Frank Sidebottom
10-Mar Half Moon London  
15-Mar Bonded Warehouse Sunderland  
16-Mar The Admiral Glasgow  
17-Mar Wee Red Bar Edinburgh  
23-Mar Venue New Cross  
27-Apr The Brook Southampton With Reorder
28-Apr Ku Bar Stockton  
05-May The Good Ship London  
18-May Venue New Cross  
19-May The Horn St Albans  

The Leopard (SHOW 100)

26-May The Flowerpot Derby  
27-May The Castle Oldham  
01-Jun Half Moon London  
07-Jun Dingwalls London With Reorder
08-Jul Plinston Hall Letchworth  
09-Jul The Hangar Scunthorpe  
15-Jul The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea With Reorder
30-Jul Bullet Bar London  
03-Jul Saatchi & Saatchi London  
05-Jul Irish Center Leeds With Reorder
06-Jul Casbah Club Bradford  
07-Jul The Studio Hartlepool  
08-Jul The Nags Heads Nuneaton  
20-Jul The Venue London  
12-Aug Night & Day Manchester  
16-Aug Bar Academy Islington London  
17-Aug Met Lounge Peterborough  
18-Aug The Studio Hartlepool  
19-Aug Tribfest Driffield  
01-Sep Half Moon London  
07-Sep The Leopard Doncaster  
08-Sep The Soundhouse Bolton  
09-Sep Taksin Live Istanbul  
21-Sep The Venue London  
22-Sep Kingsmeadow   Kingston  
28-Sep Club Excess (Daddycools) Harrogate  
29-Sep Hotel California Birkenhead With Reorder
13-Oct The Horn St Albans With Reorder
19-Oct Mr Kyps Poole  
26-Oct The Hangar Scunthorpe  
27-Oct Ku Bar Stockton  
16-Nov The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea With Reorder
17-Nov The Studio Hartlepool  
18-Nov Tan Hill Yorkshire  
30-Nov The Venue London  
01-Dec Riga Bar Southend  
07-Dec Half Moon London  
15-Dec The Good Ship London  
31-Dec The Dublin Castle London  

2008 48 shows

05-Jan The Brook Southampton  
18-Jan The Venue London  
26-Jan The Studio Hartlepool  
27-Jan The Castle Oldham  
09-Feb Met Lounge Peterborough  
10-Feb New Roscoe Leeds  
22-Feb The Flowerpot Derby  
23-Feb The Assembly Rooms Tamworth  
08-Mar Half Moon London  
22-Mar Mr Kyps Poole  
28-Mar Bush Hall (150th SHOW) London  
03-Apr The Grey Horse Kingston  
05-Apr Kingsmeadow   Kingston  
11-Apr The Beat Club Glasgow  
12-Apr The Lighthouse Museum Aberdeen  
13-Apr The Lamp Hull  
18-Apr The Mildmay Club London  
02-May The Dublin Castle London  
09-May The Venue London  
10-May The Forum Darlington  
16-May The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
17-May The Good Ship London  
31-May Studio Taksin Live Istanbul  
12-Jun Half Moon London  
18-Jul The Venue London  
25-Jul The Charlotte Leicester  
02-Aug The Riga Bar Southend  
08-Aug Met Lounge Peterborough  
05-Sep The Venue London  
06-Sep Half Moon London  
12-Sep Earls Court London  
13-Sep The Hub Plymouth  
20-Sep The Studio Hartlepool  
21-Sep New Roscoe Leeds  
26-Sep Mr Kyps Poole  
03-Oct Venue not recalled Staines  
11-Oct Coalition Brighton With Reorder
17-Oct The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
18-Oct The Cooler Bristol  
24-Oct Bush Hall London With Reorder
25-Oct The Horn St Albans  
21-Nov The Flowerpot Derby  
28-Nov The Forum Darlington  
29-Nov The Charlotte Leicester  
05-Dec The Venue London  
06-Dec Half Moon London  
20-Dec The Good Ship London  
31-Dec The Dublin Castle London


2010 29 shows

09-Jan Bar Academy Islington London  
22-Jan The Brook  Southampton  
23-Jan The Cooler Bristol  
06-Feb The Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
27-Feb The Forum Darlington  
28-Feb New Roscoe Leeds  
06-Mar Private Booking Putney  
12-Mar The Ritz Manchester With Reorder
13-Mar Assembly Rooms Tamworth  
20-Mar The Horn St Albans  
27-Mar Venue Name Forgotten Edinburgh  
08-Apr Half Moon London  
10-Apr The Flowerpot Derby  
23-Apr The Good Ship London  
22-May Bar Academy Islington London  
04-Jun The Venue London  
11-Jun Isle of Wight Festival IOW  
09-Jul The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
19-Aug Bartok Islington London  
17-Sep The Dublin Castle London  
09-Oct The Met Lounge Peterborough  
15-Oct The Horn St Albans  
23-Oct The Flowerpot Derby  
24-Oct New Roscoe Leeds  
04-Nov Half Moon London  
20-Nov Robin 2 Wolverhampton With Reorder
26-Nov The Venue London  
04-Dec Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
18-Dec The Good Ship London  

2011 27 SHOWS

08-Jan Bar Academy Islington London  
25-Feb The Ritz Manchester With Reorder
04-Mar O2 Academy 2 Oxford  
11-Mar O2 Academy 2 Birmingham  
12-Mar O2 Academy 2 Sheffield  
07-Apr Half Moon London  
06-May O2 Academy 2 Newcastle  
07-May ABC Glasgow  
13-May The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
27-May 229 London  
03-Jun The Venue London  
04-Jun The Flowerpot Derby  
10-Jun Isle of Wight Festival IOW  
09-Sep The Good Ship London  
17-Sep The Horn St Albans  
24-Sep The Brudenell Social Club Leeds  
30-Sep Mr Kyps Poole  
14-Oct The Dublin Castle London  
15-Oct The Roadmender Northampton  
22-Oct Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
04-Nov Half Moon London  
05-Nov Butlins Minhead  
12-Nov Club Ifaw Bach Cardiff  
18-Nov The Met Lounge Peterborough  
25-Nov The Assembly Rooms Derby  
16-Dec The Venue London  
17-Dec The Good Ship London  

2012 30 SHOWS

(Above): Poster from our show at Baroeg, Rotterdam, December 9th 2012.

07-Jan Bar Academy Islington London  
28-Jan The Forum Darlington  
18-Feb The Horn St Albans  
25-Feb The Ritz Manchester With Reorder
09-Mar The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
14-Apr King Georges Hall Blackburn  
20-Apr O2 Academy 2 Sheffield  
21-Apr O2 Academy 2 Liverpool  
04-May The Flowerpot Derby  
11-May O2 Academy 2 Newcastle  
12-May ABC Glasgow  
25-May 229 London  
01-Jun O2 Academy 2 Bristol  
02-Jun O2 Academy 2 Oxford  
08-Jun O2 Academy 2 Birmingham  
27-Jun Isle of Wight Festival IOW  
29-Jun The Venue London  
13-Jul The Good Ship London  
28-Jul Half Moon London  
14-Sep Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
22-Sep The Brudenell Social Club Leeds  
12-Oct The Box Crewe  
20-Oct The Horn St Albans  
03-Nov Club Ifaw Bach Cardiff  
09-Nov The Old Firestation Bournemouth  
17-Nov The Assembly Rooms Derby  
08-Dec Anonymous Venue Liege  
09-Dec Baroeg Rotterdam  
14-Dec The Venue London  
22-Dec The Good Ship London  

2013 39 SHOWS

05-Jan Bar Academy Islington London  
19-Jan Met Lounge Peterborough  
24-Jan New Slang Kingston  
02-Mar The Forum Darlington  
08-Mar The Ritz  Manchester With Reorder
23-Mar St Pancras Hotel London  
05-Apr The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
12-Apr The Half Moon Putney  
13-Apr The Half Moon Putney  
19-Apr O2 Academy 2 Birmingham  
27-Apr The Horn St Albans  
03-May O2 Academy  Newcastle  
04-May ABC Glasgow  
24-May The Flowerpot Derby  
31-May 229 London  
14-Jun The Isle of Wight Festival IOW  
05-Jul The Good Ship London  
12-Jul Waterfront Norwich  
20-Jul Univ of London Boat Club London  
23-Aug The Joiners Southampton  
31-Aug Liquid Rooms Edinburgh  
06-Sep Sub 89 Reading  
13-Sep Rescue Rooms Nottingham  
20-Sep River Rooms Stourbridge  
21-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds  
05-Oct The Railway Ipswich  
12-Oct The Horn St Albans  
18-Oct O2 Academy 2 Sheffield  
19-Oct O2 Academy 2 Liverpool  
25-Oct The Old Firestation Bournemouth  
15-Nov The Cookie Jar Leicester  
16-Nov Assembly Rooms Derby  
22-Nov PJ Molloys Dunfermline  
23-Nov Civic Hall Shildon  
29-Nov The Half Moon Putney  
30-Nov Club Ifaw Bach Cardiff  
06-Dec The Good Ship London  
13-Dec The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea  
14-Dec The Venue London  

2014 53 SHOWS

11-Jan O2 Academy Islington London
17-Jan River Rooms Stourbridge
24-Jan The Forum Darlington
25-Jan O2 Academy 2  Leicester
21-Feb The Half Moon London
22-Feb Met Lounge Peterborough
28-Feb The Ritz  Manchester
01-Mar Fibbers York
07-Mar Moles Bath
15-Mar O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
21-Mar The Old Firestation Bournemouth
04-Apr ABC Glasgow
05-Apr Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
12-Apr The Horn St Albans
25-Apr O2 Academy   Birmingham
02-May O2 Academy   Newcastle
03-May O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
09-May 229 London
16-May The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
23-May The Half Moon Putney
30-May The Flowerpot Derby
31-May Sugarmill Stoke
06-Jun Town Hall Utrecht
07-Jun L'entrepot Arlon
13-Jun Waterfront Norwich
21-Jun The Venue London
29-Jun Glastonbury Festival Somerset
04-Jul O2 Academy 2 Bristol
05-Jul The Good Ship London
12-Jul White Horse London
01-Aug The Square Harlow
09-Aug The Half Moon London
29-Aug The Forum Tunbridge Wells
12-Sep Rescue Rooms Nottingham
19-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
20-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
03-Oct River Rooms Stourbridge
17-Oct Assembly Rooms Derby
18-Oct The Horn St Albans
31-Oct The Old Firestation Bournemouth
01-Nov O2 Academy 2 Oxford
07-Nov O2 Academy Leicester
15-Nov O2 Academy   Birmingham
21-Nov O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
22-Nov Live Rooms Chester
28-Nov ABC Glasgow
29-Nov ABC Glasgow
30-Nov O2 Academy   Newcastle
04-Dec The Half Moon London
05-Dec The Good Ship London
12-Dec Civic Hall Shildon
13-Dec Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
14-Dec Shacklewell Arms London

2015 55 shows

10-Jan O2 Academy Islington London
16-Jan Sub 89 Reading
17-Jan The Globe Cardiff
23-Jan The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
24-Jan The Britannia Chatham
20-Feb The Brickyard Carlisle
21-Feb O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
27-Feb The Ritz  Manchester
28-Feb Fibbers York
06-Mar The Half Moon London
13-Mar Picturedrome Holmfirth
14-Mar Private Show Leeds
27-Mar The Forum Tunbridge Wells
03-Apr The Met Lounge Peterborough
10-Apr 229 London
11-Apr The Horn St Albans
17-Apr The Flowerpot Derby
18-Apr O2 Academy   Leicester
24-Apr O2 Academy   Birmingham
15-May ABC Glasgow
16-May ABC Glasgow
22-May O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
29-May O2 Academy   Newcastle
06-Jun The Half Moon London
12-Jun O2 Academy  Bristol
13-Jun Central Station Wrexham
26-Jun Glastonbury Festival Somerset
03-Jul Esquires Bedford
11-Jul Crauford Arms Wolverton
12-Jul Venue Name Forgotten Guilford
17-Jul River Rooms Stourbridge
18-Jul Sugarmill Stoke
28-Aug The Forum Darlington
29-Aug Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
11-Sep The Half Moon London
12-Sep Concorde 2 Brighton
18-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
19-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
02-Oct The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
03-Oct The Horn St Albans
09-Oct Rescue Rooms Nottingham
10-Oct O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
16-Oct O2 Academy 2 Oxford
23-Oct The Old Firestation Bournemouth
07-Nov O2 Academy   Leicester
13-Nov Assembly Leamington Spa
20-Nov The Flowerpot Derby
21-Nov O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
27-Nov ABC Glasgow
28-Nov ABC Glasgow
04-Dec Warehouse 23 Wakefield
05-Dec O2 Academy   Newcastle
11-Dec The Half Moon London
12-Dec O2 Academy   Birmingham
18-Dec The Good Ship London

2016 53 SHOWs

09-Jan O2 Academy Islington London
15-Jan Sub 89 Reading
16-Jan The Globe Cardiff
23-Jan Engine Rooms Southampton
29-Jan River Rooms Stourbridge
20-Feb The Brickyard Carlisle
27-Feb The Ritz  Manchester
28-Feb Fibbers York
04-Mar The Half Moon London
12-Mar The Horn St Albans
18-Mar The Forum Tunbridge Wells
26-Mar O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
08-Apr Picturedrome Holmfirth
15-Apr The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
23-Apr The Flowerpot Derby
01-May The Goodship London
06-May ABC Glasgow
07-May ABC Glasgow
13-May O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
20-May O2 Academy   Birmingham
27-May O2 Academy   Newcastle
03-Jun The Half Moon London
11-Jun Isle of Wight Festival  IOW
17-Jun Esquires Bedford
23-Jun Glastonbury Festival Somerset
01-Jul The Forum Darlington
02-Jul Regal  Bathgate
09-Jul Princess Pavillion Falmouth
15-Jul Sugarmill Stoke
29-Jul 100 Club London
30-Jul 100 Club London
27-Aug Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
03-Sep The Horn St Albans
09-Sep The Half Moon London
10-Sep Concorde 2 Brighton
16-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
17-Sep Brudenell Social Club Leeds
23-Sep O2 Academy  Bristol
07-Oct O2 Academy   Leicester
08-Oct The Flowerpot Derby
14-Oct The Old Firestation Bournemouth
15-Oct O2 Academy 2 Oxford
22-Oct The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea
03-Nov O2 Academy 2 Sheffield
04-Nov O2 Academy 2 Liverpool
11-Nov Shiiine On Butlins Minehead
18-Nov Rescue Rooms Nottingham
19-Nov The Trades Rotherham
25-Nov The Brickyard Carlisle
26-Nov ABC Glasgow
03-Dec O2 Academy   Birmingham
08-Dec The Half Moon London
16-Dec The Good Ship London


07-Jan O2 Academy Islington London
13-Jan Sub 89 Reading
20-Jan Assembly Leamington Spa
21-Jan The Globe Cardiff
28-Jan Engine Rooms Southampton
17-Feb The Half Moon London
18-Feb Assembly Rooms Melksham
24-Feb The Ritz  Manchester
25-Feb Fibbers York